• ZEOZORB Desiccant Breathers

    Desiccant breathers are one of the most cost effective methods of protection for contamination control. Breathers are an integral piece to any fluid lubrication, hydraulic system, or storage tank. Breathers provide protection from moisture and particulate contamination in harsh operating environments. The best operations & maintenance practices focus on preventing contaminants from entering their equipment, rather than trying to remove contaminants after damage has already occurred.

    As most equipment and machines are designed to "breathe," protecting the inflow of ambient air is vital for protection and reliable operation. Contaminants and moisture will enter equipment as temperature, pressure, and fluid level changes occur. To prevent contaminents from entering your equipment, a desicant breather should be used.

    Drytech ZEOZORB desiccant breathers use several layers of high efficiency filters to capture particulates, moisture, and maintain ISO cleanliness codes. Drytech's unique ZEOLITE desiccant blend allows for extremely low relative humidity levels be maintained. Not only do our breathers protect containimants and moisture from entering your equipment, but many test results show that Drytech breathers will actually liberate water from within the fluids or chemicals being stored in the tank simply by having a breather fitted on top of the tank or reservoir.This dynamic is vital to maintain maximum life and performance of the lubricant or chemical being stored.


    1. DRYTECH recommends replacing spin on air filter vents, turn down pipes, or vent caps with ZEOZORB disposable desiccant breathers for additional protection against contaminants.
    2. DRYTECH recommends inspecting your breather every 6 months.
    3. DRYTECH recommends adding breather replacements to plant operations & maintenance schedules

    It costs 10x more to remove particulate and water contamination than by preventing it in the first place. Use Drytech Disposable Desiccant Breathers as your first line of defense.

  • ZEOZORB Oil Mist Coalescer Manifold

    What is it?
    The ZEOZORB oil mist coaleser adapter is an aluminum breather manifold which adapts an existing gearbox or reservoir to allow additional breathers to be used.

    Why use it?
    Not only does the adapter prevent the desiccant medium from being contaminated, but it more importantly prevents over pressurization from occurring due to a clogged filter, spray nozzle, or seal from oil mist.

    The coalescer also acts as a manifold, allowing up to six breathers being used in conjunction.

    Lastly, the telemetric over pressurization gauge will automatically send a signal to the operator if any significant pressure changes have occurred.

    How does it work?

    During an inhale cycle, a breather will draw in ambient air and pass through the coalescer's plumbing and through the standpipe into the gearbox, tank, or reservoir being protected.

    1. During an exhale cycle, the gearbox or reservoir will exhaust dirty oil laden air into the central standpipe.  2. As the air travels up the standpipe, the air passes around several aluminum fins which cause the oil mist to cool and condense, allowing for the oil to drain back into the gearbox or reservoir and PREVENT any contamination to the desiccant medium. 3. The over pressurization gauge will indicate if a pressure drop has occurred. 4. Clean air flows into breathers