• Humidity Indicators

    A large range of humidity indicator plugs are available. These externally mounted color change humidity indicators are for determining relative humidity inside rigid containers, electronic enclosures, optical cavities and flexible moisture-vapor-proof bags. The DT1 series can be used in conjunction with a static type desiccator. Mounting options include thread mounting into enclosure, panel bushing or crimp nut.

    RFI humidity indicators plugs are also available by request.
    Check thread size on static desiccator for campatibility with thread A

  • OS-Humidity-Indicator

    Drytech also manufactures a range of humidity indicator plugs, which conform to MIL-I-26860. The Illustration below depicts a standard 2100 Series aluminum indicator body. It may be fitted with a single 40% RH (relative humidity) indicating paper or be provided with a multi level RH indicator. These plugs are externally mounted, color change humidity indicators for determining relative humidity within rigid containers and equipment, and also for use in flexible moisture vapor-proof envelopes or bags.