Drytech designs and manufactures a range of pipeline dryers or in line dehydrator cartridges that are used for purifying and drying ECS/engine bleed air for waveguide pressurization. These inline filters can also be used in specialized compressed air or gas systems. Typical effluent dew points achieved are < -65°C DP. By selection of different types of media, activated charcoal, zeolites or carbon, other contaminants can be removed such as hydrocarbons, oil vapors, and harmful fumes.

Unit of Measure



N/A 100-400 SCIM


N/A 10-30 psia

Input Air @ 75°F

N/A 85% RH

Particulate Filtration

N/A 5-25 Micron

Output Air

N/A <-65°C or 5 PPM

Typical Life

N/A 20 - 80 flying hours



  • Radar Waveguide Pressurization
  • Pneumatic Weapons/Stores Release
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Inert Welding/Brazing Systems