• Drytech Custom Desiccants

    Custom Products are a cornerstone of Drytech’s drive for market leadership and our strength is our ability to meet individual customer’s needs based upon their specific application. Even though we have a range of standard products, Drytech is always willing to build specialty custom items. These products, including static and breather desiccators, cartridge dehydrators, pipeline dryers, specialty bags and humidity indicators, are tailor designed, prototyped and tested to meet specific customer requirements.

    The majority of our equipment has USB ports so that real time data can be retrieved and included in test reports and plans.

    Drytech can fabricate test apparatus and create thermal conditions to replicate the equipment and environment expected in your project, and test the proposed desiccant prototype and provide a detailed performance and service life test report for your application.

  • VMAP Desiccants

    NEW versatile moisture adsorbing polymers protect tiny and complex spaces from humidity within optics and electronic equipment

    VMAP is a blend of desiccant crystals suspended in a polymer which is capable of adsorbing moisture, odors and organic volatiles in sensitive electro-optical equipment.

    Many electro-optical applications requiring protection from humidity use desiccant bags or dry gas purging to protect the air space within an enclosure. The downside to these solutions is that applications are becoming smaller each day and these solutions are becoming less feasible.

    VMAP is ideal for applications with complex shapes and limited space as it can be molded into any shape or size. VMAP provides a rigid structure which can be readily fixed in place using fasteners, adhesives or other mechanical retention methods. The ability to mold and machine the material allows for low cost prototypes to be quickly produced.


    • Polymer: TCP
    • Desiccant: Molecular Sieve
    • Operating Temp: +90°C to -40°C
    • Adosrption Capacity: 9-12% by weight at 50% RH at 22°C