Drytech offers a full range of waveguide pressurization components and systems, ranging from the desiccant dehydrator cartridge to a fully integrated waveguide pressurization/purging system.  Drytech exceeds the rigorous challenges of moisture management for mechanical airborne and ground based radars.

The Drytech, Inc. Airborne Waveguide Pressurization System (AWPS) is designed to utilize ambient air in order to provide the radar waveguide with a pressurized, dry, contaminant free and deionized air source to eliminate the possibility of arcing and corrosion within the waveguide. The AWPS can also be utilized to provide an electronics enclosure or sensor pod with the same high quality air source to keep the enclosure free of contaminants and moisture frequently found in desolate operating environments as well as on various flight lines. These systems have been developed to create an initial purge of air at -60°C or better Dew Point, while also supplying a continuous flow of equal quality air in order to compensate for any inevitable system leaks.

The Drytech, Inc. AWPS has a maintainer-friendly replaceable dehydrator cartridge specifically designed to ensure fault-free indication and ease of replacement. Each Series are available with an optional Built-in-Test (BIT) as well as RS422, ARINC-429 and Ethernet connections.

Common Waveguide Problems

  1. Balanced Antenna Pressurization (flow vs pressure)
  2. Differential pressure control vs. altitude
  3. Internal waveguide corrosion
  4. Waveguide arcing
  5. Breakdown voltage (dielectric strength) of air due to reduced ambient pressure


  1. Inadequte flow/dead heading
  2. Diurnal breathing efficiency
  3. Performance balance between pressurized and non pressurized zones (maintaining adequate delta P)
  4. Maintaining adequate pressure and flow during mission flight profile
  5. Decreased radar performance due to condensed water in waveguide cavities
  6. Achieving better than -55°C dew point
  7. Providing safety relief to prevent over pressure at antenna array
  8. Maintain positive pressure throughout waveguide/antenna system during non-operational/storage scenarios


  1. Airborne Waveguide Pressurization System (AWPS) - depict image of AWPS
  2. Bottled Waveguide Pressurization System (BWPS) - depict image of BWPS
Unit of Measure

System Specification

N/A 28VDC Input Power Disposable Dehydrator Cartridge - 200 Flight Hour life Max Flow Rate of 10 SLPM MIL-STD-310 “One-Percent” Conditions at 10SLPM Output Dew Point of -60°C or better Output Pressure settable up to 17psia

Series 1 Image

AWPS Series 1

Series 1 Specifications

  • Plate Mounted
  • Approx. 8lbs
  • Simple maintenance friendly system

Series 2 Image

AWPS Series 2

Series 2 Specifications

  • Plate or Rack Mounted
  • Adds Electronics Package
    • High / Low Pressure Alarms
    • Optional BIT
    • Optional RS422 / ARINC-429 / Ethernet communication
  • “Smart” system with integrated On-Board Computer

Series 3 Image

AWPS Series 3

Series 3 Specifications

  • Rack Mounted Only
  • Adds Color LCD Display showing:
    • Compressor Condition
    • Output PSI
    • Output Dew Point
    • Output Flow Rate
  • Adds “Quick-Change” Dehydrator Cartridge