Desiccant breathers are one of the most cost effective methods of protection for contamination control. Breathers are an integral piece to any fluid lubrication, hydraulic system, or storage tank. Breathers provide protection from moisture and particulate contamination in harsh operating environments. The best operations & maintenance practices focus on preventing contaminants from entering their equipment, rather than trying to remove contaminants after damage has already occurred.

As most equipment and machines are designed to "breathe," protecting the inflow of ambient air is vital for protection and reliable operation. Contaminants and moisture will enter equipment as temperature, pressure, and fluid level changes occur. To prevent contaminents from entering your equipment, a desicant breather should be used.

Drytech ZEOZORB desiccant breathers use several layers of high efficiency filters to capture particulates, moisture, and maintain ISO cleanliness codes. Drytech's unique ZEOLITE desiccant blend allows for extremely low relative humidity levels be maintained. Not only do our breathers protect containimants and moisture from entering your equipment, but many test results show that Drytech breathers will actually liberate water from within the fluids or chemicals being stored in the tank simply by having a breather fitted on top of the tank or reservoir.This dynamic is vital to maintain maximum life and performance of the lubricant or chemical being stored.


  1. DRYTECH recommends replacing spin on air filter vents, turn down pipes, or vent caps with ZEOZORB disposable desiccant breathers for additional protection against contaminants.
  2. DRYTECH recommends inspecting your breather every 6 months.
  3. DRYTECH recommends adding breather replacements to plant operations & maintenance schedules

It costs 10x more to remove particulate and water contamination than by preventing it in the first place. Use Drytech Disposable Desiccant Breathers as your first line of defense.

Unit of Measure


N/A ZZ-150

Thread Size

N/A 1" Friction Fit


N/A 4.5 in

Height (mm)

N/A 241 mm

Top Cap Diameter

N/A 5 in

Top Cap Diameter (mm)

N/A 127 mm

Overall Length

N/A 6.2 in

Overall Length (mm)

N/A 272 mm

Max. Operating Temp.

N/A 200 F


N/A 3 Micron

Flow Rate

N/A Up to 10 SCFM


N/A ABS Plastic, UV Polycarbonate

N/A Protection of fluid systems by preventing entry of moisture and particulate. 55 gallon drums, storage totes, small gearboxes, etc.


ZEOZORB Desiccant Breather Features:

1. Saturation Protection - ZEOLITE adsorbent is protected against saturation during system downtime via ZEOZORB'S unique diffusion cap
2. Flow Distribution - channels within the breather guarantee an optimal air flow over the adsorbent medium
3. Air Diffusers - (2) fire retardant foam filter diffusers reduce and prevent particulate ingress
4. Six Layers of Filtration - activated carbon foam, 100 micron stainless steel filter, 2 micron PTFE polyester filter, ZEOLITE desiccant filter, and two fire retardant foam filters.
5. Diffusion Cap - replaces the use of valves to control air flow - NO MORE CLOGGED VALVES
6. Color Indication - when maximum adsorption is reached the indicating adsorbent (blue) will change color when its fully adsorbed (lavender/beige/pink)
7. Disposable - the units are fully disposable and low priced - NO MORE REUSABLE BASES - susceptible to leaks
8. Flexibility - 1" slip fit connector adapts to most equipment or systems
9. UV Resistant Tube - prevents any discoloring
10. High Performance Adsorbent (ZEOLITE) - 35% more adsorption capacity over silica gel
11. Oil Mist Coalescer Adapter Manifold - 1" NPT aluminum manifold allowing up to six ZEOZORB breathers to be used at once.  The adapter coalesces harmful oil mist and lets it drain via gravity back into the equipment. Fully reusable and easily cleaned in the field
12. Over Pressurization Gauge - an optional telemetric sensor can be used  to signal if an overpressurizaton has occurred, proactive maintenance


As pressure, temperature, or fluid level changes occur, your equipment will either inhale or exhale ambient air. During inhale, wet ambient air will enter your equipment, and if not filtered, will cause contamination to the fluids being protected.

Most industrial plants will use, breather vents, filter caps, and/or turn down pipes to prevent contaminants from entering their equipment. Drytech Disposable Desiccant Breathers are used to replace these vents and will filter out MOISTURE AND PARTICULATES before they enter your equipment.

During inhale, the air will enter the top of the breather and flow down through a bed of ZEOLITE desiccant. As the air flows through the desiccant, the moisture is adsorbed. This dry air will then flow through a series of filters and remove particles down to 3 microns in size leaving clean dry air to enter your equipment.

During exhale, the vapor laden air will exit through the base of the breather, through an activated carbon filter which will filter out oil vapors from contaminating the desiccant or the work environment


Drytech Disposable Desiccant Breathers all utilize a 1" slip fit connection which can be easily adapted to customer applications. Take a look at our adapters page for our full range of available connections.

Installation Procedure:

  1. Remove breather from plastic bag
  2. Remove safety cap from standpipe at the bottom of the breather
  3. Mount the breather to the tank or reservoir using the adapter best suited for the application

Disposal Procedure:

  1. Verify that the breather is fully saturated - all blue beads will be beige in color
  2. Remove breather from gearbox, tank, reservoir, or other application
  3. Remove and save the adapter fitting to be used with a new breather
  4. Verify and dispose of breather in accordance with your state and local environmental control regulations
  5. Review attached MSDS sheets


  1. Bi-directional Air Flow - Air entering the breather is filtered and dried. Air expelled through the breather is filter through an activated carbon filter, prolonging the life of the breather.
  2. Rugged construction - ZEOZORB breathers are made of hard PVC plastic and UV resistant polycarbonate tube.
  3. ZEOLITE adsorbent - ZEOLITE adsorbent provides up to 28% by weight adsorption and provides clean dry air less than 100 PPM. ZEOLITE also maintains performance in high temperature environments, unlike Silica Gel.
  4. Multi layer filtration - All ZEOZORB breathers features (2) diffusion filters, an activated carbon filter, 3 micron PTFE filter, and 100 micron stainless steel filter
  5. Diffusion technology - Our unique diffusion cap replaces the need for mechanical valves to control air flow. The breathers will only breathe over 0.3 PSI
  6. Application flexibility - ZEOZORB breathers feature a standard 1" slip fit which easily adapts to many applications.
  7. Color Indication - When maximum adsorption is reached, the blue indicating ZEOLITE beads will turn from blue to beige, to indicate that a replacement is required.