The DH/D9146 Breather Valve fills the need for a low cost, but higher flow valve than the DH/D8887 Breather Valve. The valve can be used on transit cases and similar applications up to 33 cubic feet in volume. It has a flow rate of 4.0 scfm and is available in settings from 0.5 psi to 5.0 psi.

The valve is lightweight, rugged, tamper-proof and requires no field maintenance. Corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout. The valve seal is made of silicone rubber. A recessed manual release push button is standard on all Breather Valves Versions. It is used to equalize residual pressure or vacuum differentials in order to open the container. Please contact us for more information.
Unit of Measure

Pressure Side (Flow Out)

Pressure Side Rating

N/A 2.5 psid

Pressure Side Crack Pressure

N/A 1.7-3.0 PSID

Pressure Side Reseal

N/A 1.4 PSID

Pressure Side Min Flow 4 SCFM@

N/A 5.0 PSID

Vacuum Side (Flow In)

Vacuum Side Rating

N/A 3.5 PSID

Vacuum Side Crack Pressure

N/A 2.4-4.0 PSID

Vacuum Side Reseal

N/A 2.0 PSID

Vacuum Side Min Flow 4 SCFM@

N/A 5.1 PSID