The failure or malfunction of many transformers or similar equipment can be directly attributed to the lack of proper control of the level of moisture entering the equipment. It is essential, therefore, that a very low level of humidity is maintained in the air space in the top of the conservator tank to avoid deterioration of the insulating properties of the cooling medium.

Transformer breathers provide an economic and efficient means of controling the level of moisture entering the conservator tank during the change in volume of the cooling medium and/or airspace caused by temperature changes. However, with a new moisture content specification of oil being kept at less than 35 ppm moisture (ASTM D-1533 test method), higher performance desiccant than silica gel is needed. ZEOZORB transformer breathers exceed the ASTM D-1533 testing specifications and out perform silica gel breathers by over 75% at average operating temperatures 77°F.

In addition, testing shows that if the free air volume above the conservator tank oil is kept very dry, below 100 PPM it will actually liberate and pull moisture from within the transforming insulating lubricant, maximizing performance and life. This dynamic is crucial to optimize operations and maintenance procedures.

Drytech Transformer breathers reduce the relative humidity levels in a consevator tank to less than 5% RH.

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Item #

Desiccant Capacity

Connection to Tank

Transformer mVa

Transformer Oil Quantity

Height (mm)

Model V N/A 7.2 lbs (10kg) N/A 3/4" FNPT N/A 9 mVa N/A 11,350 liters N/A 375mm
Model W N/A 10.5 lbs (4.75kg) N/A 3/4" FNPT N/A 30 mVa N/A 22,700 liters N/A 555 mm
Model X N/A 13.2 lbs (gkg) N/A 3/4" FNPT N/A 60 mVa N/A 34,050 liters N/A 735 mm
Model Y N/A 17.6 lbs (8kg) N/A 1" FNPT N/A 100 mVa N/A 45,450 liters N/A 485 mm
Model Z N/A 22 lbs (10kg) N/A 1" FNPT N/A 180 mVa N/A 68,150 liters N/A 645 mm
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