The DH/D9314 Breather Valve, a weather shielded version of Brownell’s time tested DH/D8887 Breather Valve, was designed to meet the need for a weather shielded, low cost, two-way valve for use on transit cases and similar applications up to 4 cubic feet in volume. The valve has separate and distinct settings for both pressure and vacuum relief. It has a flow rate of 0.5 scfm at a pressure of 1.5 psi to 2.0 psi above the valve setting. Standard settings range from 0.5 psid to 3.0 psid reseal pressure.

The DH/D9314 Breather Valve requires no field maintenance. Corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout. The valve seal is made of silicone rubber. Each valve comes complete with a nut and o-ring, and is intended for small cases that require a low profile valve.

The conversion coated housing allows for use of a conductive o-ring for minimal RFI shielding. For higher energy RFI shielding, Brownell’s standard style RFI nuts are available.
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Item #

Inward & Outward Pressure

DH/D9314/01 N/A .5 psi
DH/D9314/02 N/A 1.0 psi
DH/D9314/03 N/A 1.5 psi
DH/D9314/04 N/A 2.0 psi
DH/D9314/05 N/A 2.5 psi
DH/D9314/06 N/A 3.0 psi
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