The TA770-R Breather Valve has separate and distinct settings for both pressure and vacuum relief. It has a flow rate of 10.0 to 25.0 scfm at 1.5 psi above the valve setting, making it suitable for large containers and similar applications up to 208 cubic feet in volume. Standard settings range from 0.5 psid to 5.0 psid reseal pressure. The lower the setting, the higher the flow rate.

The TA770 Breather Valve is tamper-proof and requires no field maintenance. Corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout. The valve seal is made of silicone rubber. The spherical valve seat is Teflon coated for easy "break-away" action even after prolonged storage.

The manual release push button is used to equalize the pressure or vacuum differentials in order to make opening the container easier. The button is recessed in the cover to protect it from damage and eliminate the possibility that an adjacent container might press the button and inadvertently cause the valve to remain open. A unique feature of the push button is a light duty spring under the cover, separating the button from the vacuum stem, which must be overcome before the button opens the valve.

The TA770 valve is offered in two types: “Cracking” and “Reseal”. Cracking valves are rated by cracking pressure (the pressure at which the valve has opened enough to flow 1 cubic centimeter per minute) and the flow rate at 0.5 – 2.0 psi above the cracking pressure. Reseal valves are rated by reseal pressure (the pressure by which the valve is guaranteed to close after it has cracked open) and the flow rate at 1.5 psi above the reseal pressure.

A gasket, washer and hex nut for mounting are provided with each valve. RFI/EMI shielding is also available. Please contact us for more information.
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Item #

Pressure Side Sealed @

Pressure Side Min Flow Rate @ Pressure

Vacuum Side Sealed @

Vacuum Side Min Flow Rate @ Pressure

DH/D9215/01 N/A 0.5 PSID N/A 20 SCFM at 2.0 PSID N/A 0.5 PSID N/A 25 SCFM at 2.0 PSID
DH/D9215/02 N/A 1.0 PSID N/A 18 SCFM at 2.5 PSID N/A 1.0 PSID N/A 23 SCFM at 2.5 PSID
DH/D9215/03 N/A 1.5 PSID N/A 16 SCFM at 3.0 PSID N/A 1.5 PSID N/A 21 SCFM at 3.0 PSID
DH/D9215/04 N/A 2.0 PSID N/A 14 SCFM at 3.5 PSID N/A 2.0 PSID N/A 19 SCFM at 3.5 PSID
DH/D9215/05 N/A 2.5 PSID N/A 12 SCFM at 4.0 PSID N/A 2.5 PSID N/A 17 SCFM at 4.0 PSID
DH/D9215/06 N/A 3.0 PSID N/A 10 SCFM at 4.5 PSID N/A 3.0 PSID N/A 15 SCFM at 4.5 PSID
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