Many fluids, semi-solids and powders are seriously effected by moisture and other contaminants. Most of the materials which are effected, are stored in tanks which are either located in the open and vented to atmosphere or are located in the process area and effected by other materials used in the same area.
The level of damage varies from rendering the materials useless to the lowering of efficiency and consequently the value.

The ingress of these contaminants occurs whenever material is drawn from the tank or by diurnal barometric pressure and thermal breathing caused by changes in ambient temperature. Moisture, in the form of water vapor, is the prime source of contamination and will cause simple dilution of acids, an increase in the corrosivity of oils and other fluids, fungal or biological activity in materials such as glycerol, or the lowering of electrical resistance of transformer oil sand similar materials.

In addition to water vapor, other contaminants which can be removed include: Acetone, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ethylene, Formaldehyde, Freon, Hydrogen Sulphide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Sulphur Dioxide, Toluene, Acid and Oil Vapors, etc.

Typical adsorbents used are: Molecular Sieves, Silica Gel, Activated Alumina, Activated Carbon, Soda Lime, Ethysorb, etc. The selective use of desiccants such as molecular sieves, silica gel and activated alumina, together with a wide range of other adsorbents in its tank vent dryers and adsorption units, enables Drytech to offer a high level of protection to a wide range of materials.

Typical materials which can be readily protected include: Acetic Acid, Brake Fluid, Ethanolamine, Genklene, Glycerol, Monomethylemethacrylate, Perklone® perchloroethylene (a trade mark of INEOS Chlor Limited), Polyalcohols, Polythers, Sulphuric Acid, Transformer Oils, Triklone® trichlorethylene (a trade mark of INEOS Chlor Limited), etc.
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Item #

Connection (Flange)

Max fill or empty rate

Amount of desiccant

Max fluid capacity related to desiccant content


705 N/A 0.5 in N/A 90 gallons/min N/A 3 lbs N/A 1,981 gallons N/A Small sized reservoirs, Containers, fuel tanks, gearboxes, medium storage tanks
710 N/A 0.5 in N/A 206 gallons/min N/A 12.32 lbs N/A 12,297 gallons N/A Small Hydraulic reservoirs, containers, fuel tanks, gearboxes, small storage tanks
715 N/A 1.5 in N/A 230 gallons/min N/A 27.5 lbs N/A 27,593 gallons N/A Medium sized reservoirs,Containers, fuel tanks, gearboxes, medium storage tanks
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